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Syringe pump or Pressure pump? Control both with SmartFlo

SmartFlo is a verstaile software for control of Cellix's ExiGo syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps.  You don't have to choose between syringe pumps and pressure pumps; you can have both in one set-up, smartly controlled by one seamless software, SmartFlo (PC/Desktop or iPad version available).

Double-Encapsulation:  Single-cell droplet in oil shell
SmartFlo for PC: 2 UniGo pressure pumps and 1 ExiGo syringe pump

Here we summarise the advantages of combining syringe pumps and pressure pumps together and highlight some of the commonly used commands on SmartFlo.


3 Top Advantages of combining syringe and pressure pumps

1. Greater Flexibility of Control - Switch from Flow Rates to Shear Stress or Flow Rates to Pressure: Cellix's syringe and pressure pumps both offer a wide range of flow rates but SmartFlo enables you to switch between flow rates & shear stress for the ExiGo syringe pump and between flow rates and pressure for the UniGo pressure pump.