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3 Droplet generators and flow splitter on one chip

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DROPLET GENERATION ASSAYS with oil and water phases producing uniform, stable, mono-dispersed droplets.

DROP-SEQ (CELL & PARTICLE ENCAPSULATION) ASSAYS easily achieved with splitter and dual-injection flow focusing droplet generator.

REUSABLE & COST-EFFECTIVE: 1 x Flow splitter and 3 x Droplet Generator junctions on-chip with 2 different designs for single or dual injection of dispersed phase.

FLOW SPLITTER & FLOW FOCUSING JUNCTIONS on one single chip enabling a wide range of experimental set-ups.

PLUG & PLAY with easy-to-connect tubing with standard 25G needles, no bulky luer connectors.

COMPATIBLE WITH MICROFLUIDIC SYRINGE PUMPS & MICROFLUIDIC PRESSURE PUMPS including Cellix's ExiGo, UniGo and 4U pumps for precise pulse-free stable flow rates.

COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD PIPETTES for easy coating of chips with reagents, e.g. to ensure channel hydrophobicity for water-in-oil droplet generation.  




DropChips are fabricated from plastic (acrylic) and have a footprint of 40mm x 50mm (W x L).

DropChips are available with channels pre-treated as hydrophobic or hydrophilic:

  • Hydrophobic to achieve water-in-oil droplets.

  • Hydrophilic to achieve oil-in-water droplets.


DropChips are available in packs of 2, 5 or 10.

Droplet generation_water-in-oil_hydropho
Droplet generation_oil-in-water_hydrophi

Hydrophobic channels:

Water-in-oil droplet generation

Hydrophilic channels:

Oil-in-water droplet generation

As illustrated in the schematic below, each DropChip contains:

  • 1 x Flow Splitter and

  • 3 x Droplet Generator junctions:

    • 2 x Flow-Focusing junctions, single-injection dispersed phase

    • 1 x Flow Focusing junction with dual-injection dispersed phase

This gives the user flexibility for experiments in flow focusing with single and dual-injection of dispersed phase.

Examples are illustrated in the images below.

Droplet Frequency

The creation of uniform, mono-dispersed  stable droplets is achieved with microfluidic syringe pumps such as Cellix's ExiGo pump or microfluidic pressure pumps such as Cellix's UniGo or 4U pumps.  Cellix's team conducted 3D scattering measurements to confirm frequency of droplets which can be achieved at defined flow rates as illustrated in the images and frequency graph below.  If you have a specific frequency you want to achieve, contact us for more help.

Droplet Frequency in DropChip  with channel dimensions 70um x 70um