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Original Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

Learn about the projects that helped build Cellix's expertise in our 5 building blocks. 

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A breath of fresh air in healthcare - no needles, no appointments, no hassle. Cellix's latest project aims to relay important information about your health back to your doctor from your smartphone, using nothing more than a simple breath.


Inish Mini-Bar

The Inish Mini-Bar is a portable, easy-to-use device that can measure the levels of bacteria and yeast in beer in minutes. Ideal for line cleaning companies, brewery, bar or restaurant quality control.

Impedance Spectroscopy_Transfection Effi

Microfluidic Impedance Device

Cellix's Inish Analyser Technology is based on measuring cell membrane impedance - for cell analysis, improving the efficiency of gene editing workflows, and applications in food and beverage. 


Microfluidic Sensors for Analyte Detection

In this project, Cellix integrated sensors into biochips. The sensors were a new novel class of hybrid nanostructures, using inorganic nanocrystals and organic functional molecules. They detect metal cations and anions in water and artificial serum,useful in clinical diagnostics and water testing. 

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Magnetic Flow Cytometry

Cellix worked on the NAMDIATREAM project to create an instrument based on a magnetic barcode system for the detection of cancer biomarkers. The project aims to use 'lab-on-chip' nanotechnology to tackle socially important diseases and improve diagnosis time.

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Tumour Invasion Assays

Melanoma is a difficult-to-treat disease; in this project, Cellix  developed screening assays to investigate cell-cell adhesion in melanoma, and developed an invasion assay in our VenaT4 biochip.  

This allows researchers to understand the properties of melanoma, and seek out new diagnostic markers.

Nanoparticle Studies

Nanoparticles have unexpected properties and are an area of research for biomedical, electronic and optics applications. Cellix developed a novel microfluidic biochip and assay to allow researchers to investigate cellular uptake of nanoparticles in endothelial cells under defined flow rates like those found in vivo.

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In Vitro Asthma Models 

To understand asthma and be able to treat it more effectively, researchers need to know how pro-inflammatory eosinophils move from the lungs into surrounding tissue and cause damage. The technology Cellix developed aims to answer these questions, and help identify leads for drug candidates earlier. 

Lab Experiment

Cell Culture in Waveguide Biochips

In 'living photonics', researchers aim to diagnose cardiovascular disease with cells in a dish, by interrogating the cells with light and comparing diseased and healthy cells. To allow this, Cellix developed an advanced, enclosed, microfluidics-based system for real time monitoring of cell cultures. 

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Cellix's technology provides solutions across a wide range of applications.

We are passionate about developing it and integrating it with your technology. 


So, if you are: 

  • A company making tools for research, and interested in checking out synergies or a potential OEM partnership...

  • Taking part in cell manufacturing / contract research lab with high output…

  • Interested in a research partnership that helps you move towards more efficient cell analysis and sorting...

...then get in touch!

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