Inish Solutions for Label-free Cell Analysis

cell counting and viability

Simple Cell Analysis

For a vast range of applications in cell biology:  therapeutic applications, stem cell research, cancer cell research, cell toxicology, veterinary applications and quality control


Find the Best Cells

Following electroporation, Inish solutions predict your transfection efficiences before you go to the hassle of plating your cells - saving you time and improving your workflow.

What's in a name?

We chose the name Inish for this range of cell analysis solutions because "Inis" is the Gaelic or Irish word for:

  • "island" and

  • "tell" (to tell a story) or "report"

Since we're based in Ireland, we thought this was quite apt and since every sample tells a seemed the perfect fit for our new range of cell analysis solutions.  



What does it mean?

No fluorescent dyes/stains or magnetic beads are required to "label" your cells for analysis.  This removes a step in your workflow and saves you money on reagents.

How does it work?

Inish Solutions use impedance spectroscopy - a method of measuring the resistance and capacitance properties of a cell or particleby applying an electric field across two electrodes embeeded in a microfluidic chip.  As each cell flows pass the electrodes, the electric field is disturbed.  Depending on the frequency, we can determine different parameters of the cell:   

  • Cell or particle size

  • Membrane integrity

  • Cytoplasm content

  • Vacuole content




Inish Cell Analyser - Coming Soon!


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