Analyse, count, sort: label-free cell sorting for next generation research.

The Inish Analyser is Cellix's newest development in

impedance-based cytometry for cell analysis.

The Inish integrates microfluidic sample handling & impedance detection-on chip with advanced electronics - based on expertise and technology developed in Cellix over more than a decade.


Cellix's patented advances bring unprecedented capabilities to impedance-based cell sorting. The Inish Analyser is capable of cell-differentiation based on:

  • Size

  • Morphology

  • Cell cytoplasm conductivity

  • Organelle impedance

  • Cellular DNA content

  • Cell membrane integrity

While live-dead cell analysis has been around from some time, the Inish Analyser is the next level of efficiency and innovation. 


Our unique technology differentiates populations with: intact membranes, damaged membranes, dead cells and (uniquely in the field) those with open membranes - ideal for quantifying cells capable of gene uptake in transfection experiments.  That means, no more wondering if your electroporated cells opened pores! Now the Inish can quantify this for you, allowing you to streamline the transfection optimisation process


This allows quantification of cell health in unprecedented detail, and separation based on this - all in a label-free manner so as to preserve normal function. 


The Inish Analyser is a powerful, flexible research tool with applications in cell imaging, cell sorting, gene editing and more - allowing label-free, high throughput cell analysis for a range of applications in the basic and applied life sciences. 


In terms of applied sciences, an example is our recent partnership with major international brewers to develop a point-of-pour diagnostic tool for identifying bacteria in bar-tap beer.

Details for our Inish Mini Bar can be found here.



We are actively looking for research partners for custom applications for the Inish Analyser - particularly in the field of ex vivo transfection for gene editing. If you are interested in seeing Cellix's Inish Analyser in action – a free demo and a conversation about how we can customise it for your needs, may be an ideal next step.

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