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SmartFlo for iPad

Versatile control of Microfluidic Syringe Pumps & Pressure Pumps 

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SIMPLE SETTING OF FLOW RATES for ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps.  

CUSTOMISE PROGRAMS for flow/pressure profiles with any combination of constant, ramp, sine and step.


SAVE & RETRIEVE programmed waveforms for use later.

SIMPLE SYRINGE SELECTOR option for ExiGo syringe pumps, or upload your custom syringe

FLOW RATE <-->         PRESSURE: switch in one tap (UniGo/4U pumps) to view pressure reading.  

CLOSED-LOOP FEEDBACK: Flow sensors (optional with ExiGo; compulsory for UniGo/4U) provide active feedback and precise flow control.

MODULAR: control up to 4 ExiGo syringe pumps or 4 UniGo pressure pumps independently.  Or mix-and-match with a combination of ExiGo and UniGo pumps. 



SmartFlo for iPad enables simple control of Cellix's ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps, UniGo pressure pumps and 4U pressure pumps. As always, we advise our customers to think about their experimental set-up and what they want to achieve before deciding on which pump or combinations of pumps to purchase.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • ExiGo syringe pump: 

    • Syringe Selector in SmartFlo enables simple selection of the syringe.  You can then easily clamp it in place and move the plunger to the starting position for your experiment.

    • Units:  depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (L/min) or Shear Stress (dynes/cm2).

  • UniGo / 4U pressure pumps:  

    • Units:  depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (L/min) or Pressure (bar) with one simple tap.

  • Mix-and-match syringe and pressure pumps:  

    • SmartFlo enables simple control of a combination of up to 4 ExiGo and UniGo pumps; e.g. 2X ExiGo + 2X UniGo or 1X ExiGo + 3X UniGo etc.

    • Combining syringe pumps and pressure pumps together in one experimental set-up, with individual flow control via SmartFlo gives you unrivalled versatility for your experiments.


SMARTFLO:  Common commands for ExiGo Syringe Pump

Syringe Selection

Set the Flow Rate

SMARTFLO:  Common commands for UniGo and 4U Pressure Pumps

Setting the feedback

Set the Flow Rate

View Pressure Reading

SMARTFLO:  Programs for Syringe and Pressure Pumps

Define a Custom Flow Profile using Waveform Editor

SMARTFLO:  Commands for Flow Sensors for Syringe and Pressure Pumps

How does it work?
SmartFlo Commands for ExiGo Syinge Pump
SmartFlo Commands for UniGo & 4U Pressure Pumps
SmartFlo Programs for Syringe & Pressure Pumps
SmartFlo Commands for Flow Sensors


  • Thrombosis / Platelet Adhesion and Aggregation shear flow experiments.

  • Shear based cell rolling, adhesion and transmigration assays on ligand-coated surface or on endothelial cells.

  • Cell and particle manipulation

  • Precise multichannel mixing, multilaminar flow studies

  • Droplet Generation

  • Hydrodynamic flow focusing