SmartFlo for PC

Versatile control of Microfluidic Syringe Pumps & Pressure Pumps 


EASY TO USE SOFTWARE FOR PC / DESKTOP compatible with Windows 7 or higher.

SIMPLE SETTING OF FLOW RATES OR PRESSURE for ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps.  

CUSTOMISE PROGRAMS for flow/pressure profiles with any combination of constant, ramp, sine and step.


SAVE & RETRIEVE programmed waveforms for use later.

SIMPLE SYRINGE SELECTOR option for ExiGo syringe pumps, or upload your custom syringe

FLOW RATE <-->         PRESSURE: switch in one click (UniGo/4U pumps).  

CLOSED-LOOP FEEDBACK: Flow sensors (optional with ExiGo; compulsory for UniGo/4U) provide active feedback and precise flow control.

MODULAR: control up to 4 ExiGo syringe pumps or 4 UniGo pressure pumps independently.  Or mix-and-match with a combination of ExiGo and UniGo pumps. 


SmartFlo for PC/Desktop enables simple control of Cellix's ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps, UniGo pressure pumps and 4U pressure pumps. As always, we advise our customers to think about their experimental set-up and what they want to achieve before deciding on which pump or combinations of pumps to purchase.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • ExiGo syringe pump: 

    • Syringe Selector in SmartFlo enables simple selection of the syringe.  You can then easily clamp it in place and move the plunger to the starting position for your experiment.

    • Units:  depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (L/min) or Shear Stress (dynes/cm2).

  • UniGo / 4U pressure pumps:  

    • Units:  depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (L/min) or Pressure (bar) with one simple click.

  • Mix-and-match syringe and pressure pumps:  

    • SmartFlo enables simple control of a combination of up to 4 ExiGo and UniGo pumps; e.g. 2X ExiGo + 2X UniGo or 1X ExiGo + 3X UniGo etc.

    • Combining syringe pumps and pressure pumps together in one experimental set-up, with individual flow control via SmartFlo gives you unrivalled versatility for your experiments.


SMARTFLO:  Common commands for ExiGo Syringe Pump

Pump Manifold: 3-Way Valve

  • Automatic refilling of syringe: e.g. with ExiGo pump

  • Fast switching between 3 different outlets: ~30ms

  • Compatible with ExiGo syringe pump and UniGo pressure pump

  • This programming feature is only available on SmartFlo for PC.

SMARTFLO:  Common commands for UniGo and 4U Pressure Pumps

SMARTFLO:  Programs for Syringe and Pressure Pumps



  • Thrombosis / Platelet Adhesion and Aggregation shear flow experiments.

  • Shear based cell rolling, adhesion and transmigration assays on ligand-coated surface or on endothelial cells.

  • Cell and particle manipulation

  • Precise multichannel mixing, multilaminar flow studies

  • Droplet Generation

  • Hydrodynamic flow focusing




ExiGo pump (5).jpg

ExiGo Syringe Pump

UNIGO pump and sensor.jpg

UniGo Pressure Pump

4U 4-channel Pressure pump.jpg

4U 4-channel Pressure Pump

Flow Sensor_2.jpg

Flow Sensors





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