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Understanding Cellix's Microfluidic Hydrodynamic Focusing Set-up


Cellix's microfluidic hydrodynamic focusing set-up combines the patented, precision, microfluidic ExiGo pump together with UniGo/4U pump resulting in a cost-effective solution for hydrodynamic focusing.

The ExiGo pump includes a high-resolution stepper motor drive mechanism and patented pulse damping method; while the UniGo/4U pump component is based on high speed air injection. Combining these pumps with active feedback controlled via flow sensors results in accurate and stable flow rates. The set-up may be controlled via an iPad mini or LabVIEW- based software.

SmartFlo application executed on the iPad mini communicates with up to 4 ExiGo microfluidic pumps racked together allowing simultaneous control and independent programming of each pump’s flow profile.

Additionally, the LabVIEW-based software is available to control ExiGo and UniGo/4U pumps via RS-232 communication.

IMPORTANT: Please note that hot-plugging UniGo/ExiGo pumps is extremely damaging to the equipment. This means any installation or removal of pumps to a set-up must be done when the system is off. Removing the pumps while the system is running can cause electrostatic discharge which can severely damage the electrical components of the pump including the PCB and will likely result in your pump requiring repair at Cellix. When docking or un-docking two pumps together the system must be off, and the residual electrostatic discharge cleared by pressing the power button in one short movement. Only then can pumps be docked. If you are buying a two or more UniGos/ExiGo's, you must purchase a clamp base made of aluminium. This holds the pumps in place and reduces risk of damage to electrical components by ensuring they do not separate.

Performance and Technical Specifications:

* Measured with flow sensor and active PID feedback.

** Only applicable to ExiGo pumps.

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