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Love Your Pump! – 6 Top Tips to care for your ExiGo pump

When it comes to microfluidic pumps, the ExiGo pump is a real work-horse. It’s very robust and a favourite amongst our customers. In this short blog, we wanted to give you a few helpful tips to ensure it’s smooth operation and long life for many researchers in your lab.

Top Tip #1 – Don’t Hot Plug ExiGo pumps!

What is hot plugging?

Hot-plugging a device means the device is added or removed without shutting down the operating system or powering off the system. This can cause electrical issues, such as permanently damaging the electronics.

Before plugging or unplugging your ExiGo pumps together, ensure they are all shut down and the power is switched off.

If you are regularly using more than one ExiGo pump, we recommend the ExiGo Dock – this helps avoid accidental hot-plugging of the pumps.

4 ExiGo pumps docked together in the ExiGo dock – prevents accidental hotplugging

Top Tip #2 – Ensure power supply to the ExiGo pump is connected correctly

When connecting the power supply to the ExiGo pump, ensure the arrow on the lead from the power supply is at the bottom and gently plug it in. Press the power button for ~2 seconds; the ExiGo lights will flash white indicating that the pump is booting up. The lights will then change colour to orange – this indicates that the pump is now ready to be initialized by the SmartFlo software.

Top Tip #3 – After disconnecting the power lead, always press the power button to discharge any residual current

To power down the ExiGo pump, press the power button again for ~2 seconds; then gently remove the power lead. Press the power button again to ensure any residual current is discharged.

ExiGo pump with the power button light on