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Cellix's ExiGo Microfluidic syringe pump vs. conventional syringe pumps

What is the ExiGo pump?

The ExiGo pump is a microfluidic pump that can push the sample fluid in a syringe through tubing, and into a microfluidic chip, or pull fluid from the microfluidic chip into the syringe. Cellix's SmartFlo software control includes easy programmable features for to your experimental needs, whether you need a steady flow or a custom flow.

How does the ExiGo pump work?

With a syringe inserted, the 5-phase stepper motor rotates the screw, moving the pusher block against the syringe plunger. Changing the rotation allows you to change the direction of flow, in or out of the syringe.

  1. When the Stepper Motor turns, it causes the Lead Screw to turn

  2. When the Lead Screw turns, it moves the Pusher Block against the Syringe Plunger

  3. For dispensing (or pushing), the Pusher Block moves to the right, pushing fluid out of the Syringe and into the Microfluidic Chip

  4. For aspirating (or pulling), the Pusher Block moves to the left, withdrawing fluid into the Syringe and out of the Microfluidic Chip

What makes the Cellix ExiGo pump special?

While other pumps use unreliable 2-phase stepper motors, the ExiGo pump uses a state of the art 5-phase stepper motor. The 5-phase stepper motor has a smoother motor with a much greater number of step increments per revolution, giving a noticeably smoother operation, with low noise and low vibration. This is ideal for labs that need greater accuracy, precision, and reliability.

It doesn’t just stop at the motor, the ExiGo pump works across devices for ease-of-use, and is programmable to give you full control over fluid flow. Not only that, the ExiGo pump is modular and supports up to 4 concurrent pumps with individualised programming.

Some key features of the ExiGo pump include :

  • Fast Switching : Not all syringe pumps are slow! Response time as low as 50ms

Fast Switching Fast Switching : Unlike standard syringe pumps, response time down to 50ms
  • Pulse-Free : Achieve pulse-free flow rates down to nL/min range thanks to the active feedback sensor provided by our flow sensors

Pulse Free : Down to nL/min range - active feedback with flow sensors.
  • Programmable : Program your own flow profile with any combination of constant ramp, sine and step

Programmable : Program any combination of constant, ramp, sine and step
  • Easy Integration : Integrate the pump control on your own software - LabVIEW, C++, Python, etc.

  • Versatile : If you are working with whole blood or other biological samples, benefit from a stable and pulse-free flow without a flow sensor

  • Closed Loop Feedback : Integrates a plug-and-play flow sensor for active feedback and increased flow control

  • Modular : Up to 4 ExiGo pumps can be connected together with independent programming of each pump's flow profile or you can match with our UniGo pressure pumps

What is it used for?

Some key applications of the ExiGo pump include :

  • Thrombosis/Platelet Adhesion and Aggregation shear flow experiments

  • Shear based cell rolling, adhesion and transmigration assays on ligand-coated surface or on endothelial cells

  • Cell and particle manipulation

  • Precise multichannel mixing, multi-laminar flow studies

  • Droplet Generation

  • Hydrodynamic flow focusing

If you have more questions or want to learn more, check out our website at, or get in contact with us at

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