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DropChip: for high throughput generation of microdroplets and monodispersed emulsions


DropChips contain three “droplet generators” and one “splitter” (Y-junction channel) for splitting the continuous phase (oil or water). The channel surface properties are optimized according to the type of application:

  • Hydrophobic channels for water-in-oil (W/O) droplets

  • Hydrophilic channels for oil-in-water (O/W) and gas-in-water droplets.

Frequency and size of the droplets can vary depending on several factors: channel dimensions; flow rates; oil type; surfactant type and surfactant concentration.

Fluidic ports (not displayed in the drawing) allow the user to plug directly a 25 Gauge needle into the inlet without using any additional glue or connector. Suitable tubing sets can be purchased directly from Cellix.

Features and Benefits

  • DROPLET GENERATION ASSAYS with oil and water phases producing uniform, stable, mono-dispersed droplets.

  • DROP-SEQ (CELL & PARTICLE ENCAPSULATION) ASSAYS easily achieved with splitter and dual-injection flow focusing droplet generator.

  • REUSABLE & COST-EFFECTIVE: 1 x Flow splitter and 3 x Droplet Generator junctions on-chip with 2 different designs for single or dual injection of dispersed phase.

  • FLOW SPLITTER & FLOW FOCUSING JUNCTIONS on one single chip enabling a wide range of experimental set-ups.

  • PLUG & PLAY with easy-to-connect tubing with standard 25G needles, no bulky luer connectors.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MICROFLUIDIC SYRINGE PUMPS & MICROFLUIDIC PRESSURE PUMPS including Cellix's ExiGo, UniGo and 4U pumps for precise pulse-free stable flow rates.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD PIPETTES for easy coating of chips with reagents, e.g. to ensure channel hydrophobicity for water-in-oil droplet generation.


How does it work?

DropChips are fabricated from plastic (acrylic) and have a footprint of 40mm x 50mm (W x L).

DropChips are available with channels pre-treated as hydrophobic or hydrophilic:

  • Hydrophobic to achieve water-in-oil droplets.

  • Hydrophilic to achieve oil-in-water droplets.

DropChips are available in packs of 2, 5 or 10. As illustrated in the schematic below, each DropChip contains:​​

  • 1 x Flow Splitter and

  • 3 x Droplet Generator junctions:

  1. 2 x Flow-Focusing junctions, single-injection dispersed phase1 x

  2. Flow Focusing junction with dual-injection dispersed phase

This gives the user flexibility for experiments in flow focusing with single and dual-injection of dispersed phase.

Examples are illustrated in the images below.

Droplet Frequency

The creation of uniform, mono-dispersed stable droplets is achieved with microfluidic syringe pumps such as Cellix's ExiGo pump or microfluidic pressure pumps such as Cellix's UniGo or 4U pumps. Cellix's team conducted 3D scattering measurements to confirm frequency of droplets which can be achieved at defined flow rates as illustrated in the images and frequency graph below. If you have a specific frequency you want to achieve, contact us for more help.

Droplet Size

There are a variety of different droplet sizes possible and one of the biggest influencing factors of droplet size is the geometry and size of the channel dimensions. Cellix's team conducted 3D scattering measurements to confirm size and volume of droplets which can be achieved with the two different types of droplet generator contained in the DropChip. Schematics for each of the droplet generators available on Cellix's Dropchip are illustrated below and the following table provides a summary of the droplet sizes (diameter and volume) which may be achieved depending on the DropChip dimensions.


Droplet Generation for a wide variety of applications:​​

  • Drop-Seq (Cell / Protein) encapsulation on-chip, see example below.

  • DNA sequencing for target selection / enrichment.

  • Sample / reagent mixing and control of reactions on-chip

  • DNA amplification

  • Biomolecule synthesis

  • Diagnostic chips

  • Drug discovery

​For more details on experimental set-ups, visit our Droplet Generation page.

Recommended tubing sets:

  • Biochip-connect single inlet cables pk 10 (product code: BIOCHIP-CONNECT- B1ICPACK10)

  • Biochip-connect single outlet cables pk 10 (product code: BIOCHIP-CONNECT- B1OCPACK10)

DropChips are supplied in packs of 2, facilitating 6 droplet generators and 2 splitter per pack.

So now you know the features and benefits of our DropChips and how they works.

But, if you still have questions or want to learn more, check out our website, at, or contact us at


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