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Controlling ExiGo microfluidic pump with SmartFlo software

SmartFlo is a versatile software for control of Cellix's ExiGo syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps. You don't have to choose between syringe pumps and pressure pumps; you can have both in one set-up, smartly controlled by one seamless software, SmartFlo.

How to use Cellix's SmartFlo Software with the ExiGo pulse free syringe pump?

This article covers the following topics - you can read through all of them or click on the links to jump to the topic which interests you:

  1. Selecting the COM port

  2. Initialize the ExiGo pump

  3. Set and install the syringe

  4. Manual mode: How to set the Flow Rate?

  5. Defining channel dimensions and viscosity for Shear Stress units

  6. Pump manifold: 3-way valve

  7. ECO mode

1. Selecting the COM port

Before we initialize the pump, we need to make sure that the correct COM port is selected. SmartFlo should detect the correct COM port and establish communication with the pump automatically. However, in some cases, it may be required for the user to select the adequate COM port, for example, if two or more pumps are connected to different USB ports in the PC.

More than 2 pumps detected

If there are more than 2 pumps connected (each to an independent USB port), the following dialog should appear.

Please, select the correct COM port for the pump you would like to connect.

Pump not automatically detected

When the SmartFlo user interface is not able to detect that a pump is connected, a manual COM port selection menu should appear.

Please, select