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Cellix's SmartFlo Software - Versatile control of Microfluidic Syringe Pumps & Pressure Pumps

SmartFlo is a versatile software for control of Cellix's ExiGo syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps. You don't have to choose between syringe pumps and pressure pumps; you can have both in one set-up, smartly controlled by one seamless software, SmartFlo.

Features and Benefits of the SmartFlo Software

  • Easy to use software for PC/Desktop compatible with Windows 7 or higher.

  • Simple settings of flow rates for ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps; or flow rates or pressure for UniGo or 4U pressure pumps.

  • Customise programs for flow/pressure profiles with any combination of constant, ramp, sine and step.

  • Save and retrieve programmed waveforms for use later.

  • Simple syringe selector option for ExiGo syringe pumps, or upload your custom syringe.

  • Pressure-Flow rate: switch in one click (UniGo/4U pumps).

  • Closed-Loop Feedback: Flow sensors provide active feedback and precise flow control. Note: flow sensors are optional for ExiGo and required for UniGo/4U if you want to control via flow rate instead of pressure.

  • Modular: control up to 4 ExiGo syringe pumps or 4 UniGo pressure pumps independently. Or mix-and-match with a combination of ExiGo and UniGo pumps.

Which pump do I need to buy?​

SmartFlo enables simple control of Cellix's ExiGo microfluidic syringe pumps, UniGo pressure pumps and 4U pressure pumps. As always, we advise our customers to think about their experimental set-up and what they want to achieve before deciding on which pump or combinations of pumps to purchase.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:​

  • Syringe Selector in SmartFlo enables simple selection of the syringe. You can then easily clamp it in place and move the plunger to the starting position for your experiment.

  • Units: depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (µL/min) or Shear Stress (dynes/cm2).

  • Units: depending on your experiment, you can set the unit for Flow Rate (µL/min) or Pressure (bar) with one simple click.

C. Mix-and-match syringe and pressure pumps

  • SmartFlo enables simple control of a combination of up to 4 ExiGo and UniGo pumps; e.g. 2X ExiGo + 2X UniGo or 1X ExiGo + 3X UniGo etc.

  • Combining syringe pumps and pressure pumps together in one experimental set-up, with individual flow control via SmartFlo gives you unrivalled versatility for your experiments

3 Top Advantages of combining syringe and pressure pumps

  • Greater Flexibility of Control - Switch from Flow Rates to Shear Stress or Flow Rates to Pressure : Cellix's syringe and pressure pumps both offer a wide range of flow rates but SmartFlo enables you to switch between flow rates & shear stress for the ExiGo syringe pump and between flow rates and pressure for the UniGo or 4U pressure pump.

  • Wider Range of Samples - Cells, Whole Blood: While both syringe and pressure pumps work well with cell samples; the ExiGo syringe pump can also work with blood samples (without the need for a flow sensor which can become blocked with dried blood sample). This is a distinct advantage over pressure pumps.

  • Fluid recirculation : Cellix's ExiGo syringe pump can recirculate the fluid with the ExiGo manifold, something which is not possible with pressure pumps. This is a distinct advantage which offers increased possibilities for different experimental set-ups.

SmartFlo Overview

The SmartFlo Software comprises of three main parts :


The window allows the user to:

  • Monitor the status of the pump(s)

  • Initialize the pump(s)

  • Set the syringe(s)

  • Move the pump(s) plunger to the initial position required by the assay

  • Monitor the status of the pump(s)

  • Monitor the pressure(s) of the readings


This window allows the user to:

  • Run the pump(s) in manual mode

  • Visualize the measured flow rate(s)/pressure(s)

  • Record the measured flow rate(s)/pressure(s)

  • Set PID parameters and other options


This window allows the user to:

  • Create custom flow profile(s)

  • Program the pump(s)

  • Visualise the running assay(s) status

How to install the Cellix's SmartFlo Software?

Alternatively you can download the files from our website at:

If you have more questions about the SmartFlo Software or want to learn more, check out our website at, or get in contact with us at

Start your upgrade today!


  1. You may require Administrator rights. Please contact your system administrator in case you cannot perform the installation.

  2. Please note that the content of this window may vary on each computer, depending on previous versions installed.

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