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Cellix's VenaFlux Solutions mimic human blood vessels

Quantify cell adhesion, rolling, migration, cell-cell adhesion, platelet aggregation, thrombi formation - all under shear flow.


The circulatory system contains many different types of blood vessels which delivers blood cells, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hormones to all parts of the body. Blood vessels play a huge role in many medical conditions such as:

  • Thrombosis

  • Inflammation

  • Atherosclerosis

VenaFlux Solutions comprise packages to suit all budgets, with our Starter kit including a precision microfluidic pump, a microenvironmental chamber to hold the biochips which contain engineered microcapillaries and cell analysis software; to Pro and Elite versions including high-end fluorescent microscopes with a digital camera. The VenaFluxAssay software integrates the microfluidic pump, microscope and camera resulting in a complete automated high-throughput flow assay system for shear stress experiments.

Features and Benefits

  • COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION - integrate with your own inverted microscope.

  • THROMBOSIS, PLATELET ADHESION & AGGREGATION ASSAYS: 2.25 - 450 dyne/cm with Vena8 Fluoro+ Biochips.

  • CELL-LIGAND & CELL-CELL ROLLING, ADHESION & MIGRATION SHEAR FLOW ASSAYS: 0.05 - 10 dyne/cm with Vena8 Fluoro+ and Vena8 Endothelial+ Biochips.

  • MULTIPLEXED ASSAYS with Mirus Evo Pump and MultiFlow8 providing equal flow rates in 8 channels of Cellix's biochips. This enables multiple cell types or adhesion molecules to be tested simultaneously comparing different therapeutic treatments.

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED CONDITIONS mimicking physiological conditions with microenvironmental chamber.

  • CELL ANALYSIS of % thrombus coverage and number of thrombi; number of cells adhered to protein-coated channels and analysis of rolling velocities of cells.

  • PROGRAMMABLE with PC-controlled VenaFluxAssay software enabling execution of customised protocols.

VenaFlux Solutions

VenaFlux Solutions comprise packages to suit all budgets. The four packages are as follows: