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  • Mirus Evo Pump with MultiFlow8 (splits flow into 8 channels)
  • VenaFluxAssay software control on PC - pre-installed and tested.
  • Microenvironmental Chamber
  • Image Pro (image analysis software)
  • Microscope:  Zeiss AxioOberver7
  • Digital Camera for image acquisition:  Prime BSI Express
  • 2 glass syringes for Mirus Evo Pump:  250µL and 500µL
  • 1 tubing kit for Mirus Evo Pump
  • Power supply and cables
  • Installation (1 day) and on-site training (3 days); mandatory



  • Not included:  Biochips are sold separately
  • Customisation options available (e.g. for AxioObserver7 microscope)  - contact Cellix for more information and quotations.


Recommended bench space for VenaFlux Elite:  ~ 130cm x  85cm x  75cm 

VenaFlux Elite

  • 52 kg per unit

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