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So after all the hype, here we are! We here at Cellix are delighted to announce our re-brand, a reflection of the changing capacities of our business and our growing product portfolio.

To get an idea of why we have re-branded from Cellix Ltd., first an idea of where we're coming from. As an Irish university spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, we have grown from strength to strength since our spin-out in 2006 from a joint collaboration between the Department of Physics and the department of Medicine. We have taken this interdisciplinary approach with us in the intervening years, using the most advanced physical and electronic techniques to tackle issues for researchers in life sciences and chemistry, enabling quality science at the bench.

Early days of Cellix Ltd.

Early days of Cellix Ltd. at Trinity College Dublin

Initially, we developed our core portfolio of high-quality microfluidic handling devices for research applications, starting with our range of biochips and microfluidic pumps. Our pumps and chips have been, and are still, used in universities, hospitals, and institutions around the world. They continue to pop up in the materials & methods sections of quality journals, and that is something we're very proud of here.

It's been a busy 12 years for us. During this time, we've been continuously active in innovation, and are fortunate enough to have led and collaborated in a range of R&D projects, and benefit from the expertise of a wide variety of people. These projects have been diverse and challenging and helped us build up the Cellix skill set over the entire length of our history – we refer to this skill set as our 5 building blocks. With developing our identity as part of this re-brand, we've come to see this as a core part of the Cellix identity.

On the basis of several of the latter of these projects, we began as a business to explore the wider applications of our 5 building block skill set. These projects continue to grow and develop but have crystallised into 2 of our current flagship licensing products.

Cellix's Inish Mini-Bar

I am, of course, talking about our Inish Mini-Bar and Inish Analyser projects. The Inish Analyser and Inish Mini-Bar both use the same base technology – impedance – but tailored to different industries manage to tackle problems that no-one else can. With the Inish Mini-Bar, a sample of beer from a bar tap can be analysed for bacterial and yeast contamination in minutes; the Inish Analyser's applications in improving the sorting of transfected cells fits perfectly into the high-throughput needs of the emerging CRISPR era.

It is in recognition of this widening of our portfolio, and our growth as a business, that we have decided to update the way we operate; a new website, new product horizons, new markets – but the same core team since the beginning, and the same quality of product which has come to be synonymous with Cellix in research circles.

We are excited, we are innovative... and we are Cellix!

So explore our new site, let us know what you think, and don't hesitate to get in touch if there's something you'd like to discuss about our growth as a business, from jobs to in-licensing opportunities.

If you'd like to see more about our development, see here; you can also view our R&D case studies which lead to our 5 building blocks, the publications we have been cited in this year, view our products, or just have a browse through our blog.

Thanks for reading - stay tuned!

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