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Understanding Flow Sensors: For Microfluidic Syringe and Pressure Pumps

Flow Sensors for Microfluidic Pumps: providing accurate and pulse-free flow rates for microfluidic applications

Flow sensors for Cellix's microfluidic pumps enable active feedback and PID control.

Ideal for microfluidic applications, where accurate and stable flow rate delivery is required resulting in superior performance. Flow sensors are compatible with the ExiGo, UniGo and 4U microfluidic pumps.


  • CLOSED-LOOP FEEDBACK: Flow sensors provide active feedback and precise flow control.

  • MODULAR: suitable for use with ExiGo syringe pumps, UniGo and 4U pressure pumps so you can mix-and-match syringe and pressure pumps giving greater flexibility for your microfluidic set-up.

  • FLOW RANGES: 1.5µL, 7µL, 80µL and 1mL sensors available.

  • LOW DEAD VOLUME: 1µL, 1.5µL, 5µL & 25µL dead volume for 1.5µL, 7µL, 80µL & 1mL sensors, respectively.

How does it work?

Flow sensors are based on the thermal mass flow measurement principle. Each flow sensor includes a microchip with a microscopic heating element and 2 temperature sensors on each side of the heating element. They are built into the exterior of the flow channel wall, isolating them from the liquid. The heating element adds a tiny amount of heat to the liquid. As the liquid flows through the sensor, it carries the "heat cloud" downstream.

The temperature sensor measures the temperature upstream and downstream of the heating element through the wall without touching the liquid. Using the difference in upstream and downstream temperature, the microchip generates a linearised, fully calibrated digital output signal. Key Benefits of this type of flow sensor include high-speed measurement (microsecond range); easy integration with standard connectors, and straight, unobstructed flow channels which contain no moving parts.

Experimental Set-ups

Connecting your Flow Sensor

It is easy to connect your flow sensor to your microfluidic pump - this is done by standard connectors. We use the same connectors (1/32" black nut & ferrule) for 1.0µL, 7.0µL and 80µL sensors. For 1.0mL sensors, we use ¼” - 28 black PPS nut, flangeless. See the following table as a guide for which connectors and tubing are used for 1.0µL, 7.0µL, 80µL and 1.0mL sensors.

If you have any questions just drop us a mail at All our products are customisable to the needs of our customers. Talk to us about solutions that serve your goals best.

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