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ExiGo Manifold: maximizing the flexibility of your microfluidic setup


The ExiGo manifold is a specialised microfluidic channel selector designed to work with an ExiGo pump. The manifold allows the ExiGo pump to direct fluid to one of three microfluidic channels at a time. Accurate flow-switching and low dead volume provide exceptional performance.The ExiGo Manifold can be programmed to automatically switch between fluidic channels using the SmartFlo PC software.

The ExiGo Manifold is an extremely useful tool for applications which require:

  • Automatic refilling of the syringe

  • Asynchronous injection of a reagent in multiple channels

  • Continuous perfusion over long periods of time

Technical Specifications:

Performance Specifications:

SmartFlo App: Manifold Settings

Experimental Set-ups:

Automatic refilling / recharging of syringe for ExiGo syringe pump.​

  • ​Connect valve #1 to sample reservoir #1

  • Connect valve #2 to sample reservoir #2

  • Connect valve #3 to flow sensor and microfluidic chip.

  • Use SmartFlo program for PC to define the refill speed of sample reservoirs: provides user with many options, e.g. using one sample reservoir as a wash solution.

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