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Controlling UniGo or 4U microfluidic pump with SmartFlo software

SmartFlo is a versatile software for control of Cellix's ExiGo syringe pumps and UniGo or 4U pressure pumps. You don't have to choose between syringe pumps and pressure pumps; you can have both in one set-up, smartly controlled by one seamless software, SmartFlo.

How to use Cellix's SmartFlo Software with the UniGo or 4U pump?

The UniGo or 4U pumps do not require an initialisation. A manual flow rate or a custom flow profile can be applied and executed directly after booting up.

This article covers the following topics - you can read through all of them or click on the links to jump to the topic which interests you:

  1. Setting the feedback

  2. Manual mode: How to set the flow rate or pressure?

  3. Flow Sensor: Visualizing the flow rates

  4. Setting the PID parameters

  5. How to tune in the PID?

  6. Program mode: Defining a custom flow profile

  7. Waveform Editor

1. Setting the feedback

The recommended option is to use Flow rate as a feedback parameter for your UniGo or 4U pump. However, advanced users have the option to switch to a pure pressure control by selecting pressure as a feedback parameter. [1]

To change the feedback parameter:

  1. In the Manual Tab, click on SETTINGS

  2. In the settings window, click on the Advanced settings Icon

  3. Click on Flow/ Pressure to switch between Flow and Pressure

  4. Click on UPDATE