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Inish Solutions: Real-time analysis & quantification of cell membrane state and viability.

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Have you ever wanted a method of analysing cell membrane state & viability that is:

Label free

Dye free

Flourescent-flow-cytometer free

Now it's here.

Here at Cellix, we've been working on pushing the boundaries of our expertise in microfluidics and impedance to expand the abilities of flow cytometry - and empower researchers to push the boundaries in their own fields. Our aim is to drive progress into new frontiers in biological research, cell biology and gene editing.

How does Inish Solutions compare to classic fluorescence technology?

Whereas classic fluorescence staining provides only end-point analysis, Inish Solutions go beyond simple live/dead cell analysis; it provides a quantitative analysis, in real time, of the cell’s health and of the cell’s membrane integrity. Using our experience in impedance technology, this method allows observation in real-time of cell membrane recovery after various treatments.

Applications of Inish Solutions:

The applications of a technology which allows quantification in real time of cell health are in truth only limited by the imagination of the experimenter; but examples include using Inish Solutions for:

  • DNA transformation / transfection techniques (using gene editing methods such as ZFN, TALENs, MEGAs, CRISPR)

  • Inish Solutions can analyse and quantify cell membrane and cell viability states before, during and after each step of transfection (resting fresh/frozen samples; immediately after transfection; during recovery) of DNA into the cell via non-viral physical methods such as electroporation, cell squeezing, microinjection, gene gun etc.

  • Apoptosis / Necrosis assays

  • analysis and quantification of changes in cell membrane integrity.

Have you an application in mind? Or are you curious to know more? We're open to potential partners in the field of gene editing and/or related instrumentation, technologies, kits or services - so if you think you're suited get in touch - we'd welcome a conversation.

Cellix Tech Free Consult

Inish Solutions contain proprietary technology and set of products available for license and/or OEM development.

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