Easy to seed and ideal for studying cell-cell interactions under flow.

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The Vena8 Endothelial+™ biochip is ideal for cell-cell rolling and adhesion assays on cell monolayers and cell culture under shear flow. Ideal for use with PCR. Compatible with brightfield, phase contrast imaging and fluorescence microscopy.


  • Cell-cell rolling and adhesion assays on cell monolayers and cell culture under shear flow.  

  • Cells cultured within the biochip channels may be retrieved post-assay for subsequent studies (up to 320,000 cells); e.g. PCR.  Substrate is removed from biochip and cells are scraped off.

  • Suitable for whole blood, primary cells, rare cells e.g. where samples are more difficult to retrieve or culture or only small sample volumes available.

  • No assembly of the biochip is required unlike many standard perfusion chambers / flow chambers.

  • No luer lock connections which increase dead volume.  Cellix's biochips have a unique plug & play connection with tubing connections which are autoclaveable and reuseable.  Dead volume is at input port ~ 0.1μL.



Flow assays using minimal sample volumes (whole blood, cell suspensions, proteins etc.); brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy.

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