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Product Return Form

For products under warranty, annual service or one-off servicing.

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Cellix is committed to ensuring all our products meet the highest quality standards for total customer satisfaction.


Prior to returning a product for servicing, please complete the following form.  Following submission and review by our team, you will receive a Return Product Authorization (RPA) Number.  

Customer Information

Contact Details

Address (required for return shipment)


Product(s) Information

Inish Analyser options:
Microfluidic pumps:
VenaFlux options:

Declaration of Contamination*

*Required.  If not completed, we cannot accept product return for servicing.

Has the equipment been exposed to potentially harmful substances?

Name of substances(s) and precautions associated with the substance:

Attach relevant information associated with the substances (e.g. material safety data sheets):

Upload File

Were any of the harmful substances:




Irritating to skin/caustic?



Susceptible to moisture?




Reason for Product Return

Select one:

Is the product under warranty?

Do you have a service contract?

Describe the fault which requires repair:
Describe the circumstances under which it occurs.
For which application are you using the equipment?
To what conditions (e.g. flow rate, temperatures etc.) has the equipment been exposed?
This helps us get a clear picture of the problem and minimizes processing time.

If possible, please illustrate the failure by pictures, circuit diagrams, sketches, data, etc.

Upload File

Date when the fault occurred:

Conditions under which product fails:

How was the fault detected?
Please describe the test conditions / measurement set-up.

Attach picture of set-up if available:

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Were any failure verification tests performed?
e.g. cross-check, visual inspection, measurements against a reference?

Attach results if available:

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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