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Cell Image Analysis Software for morphology analysis; analysis of movies (*.avi etc.) for cell flow, rolling (i.e. speed) and migrating cells; analysis of time-lapse movies.


  • Capture:  Easily capture single-frame images and time-lapse experiments; fast acquisition and streaming to disk

  • Process & Analyze:  Auto-alignment and extended depth of focus; overlay and compare images; extract and merge colour channels; visualise images in 3D; navigate and edit movies in gallery view; batch process multiple images

  • Measure & Quantify:  Measure intensity over time; analyze ringed structures and detect edges; track moving objects

  • Count & Classify:  Analyze the spatial distribution of objects; sort counted objects; measure objects within objects

  • Report & Share:  Annotate and copy images; create reports in pdf, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel; record your work; document your steps with the audit trail; graphical and code-based macro and App editing; create, download and share custom apps.

Supporting Materials:

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More information:  Warranty Statement

Hardware & Accessories:

Microfluidic Pumps

Click to view microfluidic pumps compatible with Image Pro Premier software.


Click to view biochips compatible with Image Pro Premier software.

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