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Principal Scientist, BD Fellow

Joe Trotter is a cytometry expert who has been instrumental to the development of flow since the 1970s. He helped establish cytometry as a key tool in biology and medicine. He built several high-performance cytometers, developed data analysis software and was key to the success of BD™ LSR-II product line.

Joseph holds a BS in biology from San Diego State University. He started his career at The Salk Institute of Biological Studies and then moved on to The Scripps Research Institute as the Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory. He recently retired after working as the Principal Scientist in BD Biosciences where he worked on  Solution Architecture, Cell Sorting and Analysis and Scientific Programming.


Manager, Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Wake Forest University School of Medicine

James is a PhD in biophysics from Penn State University. He started his career with the Coulter Corporation where he worked as Principal Scientist for New Products, Research and Applications. He then moved on to Beckman Coulter as the Principal Scientist followed by consultancy in Cytometry Instrumentation Design and Applications. He currently works as a Manager in the Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Wake Forest University, School of Medicine. 


Principal at Desatoya LLC (active), BD Biosciences (retired)

He received a PhD in Biophysics from Max Planck Dortmund & Uni Bochum and then continued with post doctoral training in Physical Chemistry from Stanford. He started his career with Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems where he worked on R&D for instrumentation, reagents, software, systems and assays for cell analysis by flow cytometry. Thereafter, he was Vice President, R&D at AmCell Corp.

Diether Recktenwald currently works at Desatoya LLC, retired from Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD). Diether research interests are in Cytometry, Bioassays, Dyes used as Labels for Affinity Reagents, Immunology, Cell Biology with substantial interest in Rare Cell Analysis.

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