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SniffPhone: Detecting Disease from Exhaled Breath

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Using smart phones to detect disease markers from exhaled breath


Screening for early detection of a disease can reveal groups of individuals from the general population where the likelihood of disease is increased, and who could benefit from further medical evaluation. The ideal screening test is high accuracy, low-cost, non-invasive, easily repeatable, effortlessly operated by a lay-person and has minimal impact on the person’s daily activities.


In the SNIFFPHONE project, we aim to tackle these requirements by integrating heterogeneous micro- and nano-technologies into autonomous smart system that can be attached to a mobile phone and analyze disease markers from exhaled breath.


In this approach, an interaction between breath sample and a miniaturized array of highly sensitive nanomaterial-based chemical sensors is recorded, stored and pre-processed by integrated miniature on-chip microfluidics and electronics, and then the relevant electrical signals are transferred wirelessly via the mobile phone’s internet to an external server.


Statistical pattern recognition methods are then applied on the received data and a clinical report including the screening results is sent back to the designated receiver (e.g., specialist, family doctor) in case of positive result is revealed.


SNIFFPHONE represents a new concept addressing major societal challenges in health and wellbeing of the general population, while taking into account constituent ethical and security aspects.


The SNIFFPHONE end product will integrate functionalities that are relevant to the health screening applications with decreased size (x30-40), decreased costs (x150), increased predictive and cognitive functions and full autonomy with energy management as well as with operation/use management.


Besides the R&D and clinical units, the SNIFFPHONE project will involve four European SMEs and one big industrial company, thus establishing European competitive ecosystems for the design and commercialization of innovative miniaturized smart systems.

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Project Details

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This project has received funding from the European Commision under funding call H2020-ICT-2014-1.

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