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Co-founder and CEO of Cellix, a company providing microfluidic pumping solutions, biochips and automated platforms for cell-based assays.  Vivienne is experienced in the commercialization of analytical and life science tools; integrating technologies from diverse, multi-disciplinary fields and transforming these elements into robust, practical products is key to Cellix’s growth.  Vivienne is responsible for the establishment and growth of Cellix’s network of distributors across the US, Europe and Asia and establishing Cellix’s OEM business model.  


Vivienne holds a M.Sc. in experimental physics from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.  She has a broad background in cutting edge laboratory automation tools, instrumentation and plastic injection moulding techniques with a specific focus in microfluidics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and fluid dynamics.  Several US and European Patents have been granted relating to Cellix’s technology of which Vivienne is co-inventor.  As CEO, Vivienne was awarded the Trinity Innovation award in 2014 and shortlisted for the Microsoft WMB Women in Technology award in 2011.  Cellix was highlighted as one of the top innovative companies in Ireland in 2013 as Ireland hosted the EU Presidency of the Council of European Research and shortlisted for the “Irish Times” InterTradeIreland Innovation Award in 2012. 

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