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A full suite including pumps, microscope, and motorised stage, the VenaFlux Platform is ideal for thrombosis assays. We have several varieties of this platform available to adapt to your lab's needs.

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Automated microfluidic platform capable of executing cell rolling, binding/adhesion and migration studies under shear flow mimicking in vivo flow rates.



  • Robust and easy to use

  • Ideal for use with whole blood for platelet adhesion, aggregation and thrombi formation (thrombosis); biofilm culture over extended periods of time.

  • Easy to study cell adhesion, migration and transmigration - more physiologically relevant than static assays.

  • Excellent platform for in vitro studies and running experiments in parallel with animal models.



  • Functional cell-ligand and cell-cell interaction studies.

  • Morphology analysis of cell adhesion and migration.

  • Tracking of flowing, rolling and migrating cells.

  • IC50 curves easily produced.

  • Preclinical drug development and lead optimization.

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