June 23, 2020

We here at Cellix are dedicated to supporting our customers in getting back to work and getting their research up and running again. We appreciate that it’s been a very tough time for everyone and we want to do everything we can to support your efforts.......

So, as a result we are excited to announce that we are launching a




Microfluidic pumps – 20% off!                                       Biochips – 15% off!


Venaflux platforms – 10% off!                                       Accessories – 15% off!



Hurry!!!!   This sale will be for a limited time only (3 weeks) —— discounts will be applicable to orders placed before 14th July 2020.*


*This cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Why use Cellix Microfluidic solutions?


The Cellix microfluidic solutions pioneers in flow based biological assays with various pumps and biochips. Our patented biochips provide the researcher to mimic human or animal physiological conditions in lab scale. The micrometre sized biochip channel resembles the arterial and venous system of the body.  Cellix’s precision microfluidic pumps delivers sample solutions in these channels at constant or variable shear rates which mimics blood flow in human or animal models. Aseptic long term invitro cell culture in the biochip channels is Cellix’s unique technology in microfluidics. This feature helps the researcher to study the leukocyte rolling, adhesion and transmigration on endothelial cells cultured in the biochip channels. Cellix’s unmatched expertise in high end microscopes, digital cameras and data analysis software enables to offer the user a complete automated platform which performs flow experiments with minimal human interference. Integration  of Cellix’s microfluidic pumps and camera to customer’s existing microscope platform is an added advantage over competitors. Apart from thrombosis and inflammation one of the key application include Oncology. Various cancer cells interaction over coated ligands or cultured endothelial mono layer is also well established using Cellix’s microfluidic pumps and biochips. Cellix’s non therapeutic area of expertise include droplet generation experiments with dedicated range of biochips. By providing the user with a spectrum of application based solutions Cellix remains at the top of the microfluidic community.


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June 23, 2020