July 19, 2019

In another interview with Cellix CEO, Vivienne Williams, we cover the importance of university spin-outs and dealing with the challenges presented to her. Vivienne speaks of how she and Dmitry Kashanin (co-founder of Cellix) grew personally from running a start-up and also has a few pieces of advice for those thinking of running their own university start-up.

I sat down recently with our CEO, Vivienne Williams, to ask what are Cellix’s plans for the future and why are we so excited for BIO International? Here’s what she had to say.

Being an SME, especially one in the field of biotech, is about much more than just making a product and selling it. SMEs are an integral part of a massive, thriving ecosystem of universities, corporations, commissions, investors, policymakers and more! Sharing knowledge and resources within this ecosystem is an integral part of growing as an SME. Find out how Cellix has been getting involved!

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