Our CEO Vivienne Williams talks about LES 2018 and why IP is important for Cellix, for biotech start-ups in general, and for industry, innovation, universities and consumers.

So after all the hype, here we are! We here at Cellix are delighted to announce our re-brand, a reflection of the changing capacities of our business and our growing product portfolio.  

To get an idea of why we have re-branded from Cellix Ltd., first an idea of where we're coming from. As an Irish university spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, we have grown from strength to streng...

In the first of a series, our technical team discuss topics around transfection and gene editing. We start with a run down of 5 factors which impact the efficiency of mammalian cell transfection, and how to use these to improve your transfected cell yield.

History and Applications of Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry was born out of impedance technology; in 1953, a patent was issued to American Wallace H. Coulter for a cell counter based on the 'Coulter Principle'. This device was the forerunner to modern impedance cell analysers, flow cytometry and cell-sorting devices.

Today, flow cytometry is one of the most ubiquitous tools in bioscience. It has appli...

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