September 30, 2019

In the last of our four part series with Dmitry Kashanin, we look at the work that has been done since Cellix took on the challenge of working with impedance. Many people are aware of the Coulter Counter, the first medical device to take measurements with impedance. But it was a simple blood cell counter. How has impedance technology changed since then?

“It's one thing to demo in a lab on how to do cell culture on your chip. It's another to give your chip to someone and tell them to use it for their assay." A recap of Prof. Dmitry Kashanin's talk at PRN 2019. Find out what key tactics Dmitry shared with researchers around the world.

In the twelve years we've been supplying biochips and micropumps to the life sciences, one technique in the field has remained consistently indispensable; transfection. In fact, with the explosion of gene-editing technologies (CRISPR, anyone?), this technique is even more important than ever. But monitoring cells from beginning to end of transfection, in real-time has been impossible - until now.


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