October 18, 2019

With World Thrombosis Day just passed, we would like to look back over five publications, using #CellixTech, that have forwarded the world's knowledge of thrombosis. Thrombosis is often an integral part of the pathology of the world's most deadly cardiovascular diseases. This makes it currently responsible for one in four deaths around the world. Cellix has had a close relationship with...

I sat down recently with our CEO, Vivienne Williams, to ask what are Cellix’s plans for the future and why are we so excited for BIO International? Here’s what she had to say.

“It's one thing to demo in a lab on how to do cell culture on your chip. It's another to give your chip to someone and tell them to use it for their assay." A recap of Prof. Dmitry Kashanin's talk at PRN 2019. Find out what key tactics Dmitry shared with researchers around the world.

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